Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Barefoot no less...

Fred Feldman was taking me to a free concert...in my dream.  It was being held at a huge outdoor stadium, and we were walking to it from an overlook area by the parking lot.
 File:New Meadowlands Stadium Bon Jovi concert.jpg

I wore a big floppy straw hat, a hippy skirt, and was barefoot.

I told Fred he needed to take me back to wherever my shoes were.  Nah.  He plowed ahead and lost me in the crowd.

I figured I'd call him on his cell phone and state my imperative to go get my shoes.  No luck.
So I just stood somewhere or another, trying to not step on anything sharp.

Woke up to the smell of cake baking.

how to tell when cake is ready i always know when my cakes are ready ...
Aren't dreams nice that they can provide such insight into our lives?  I did go with another friend and Fred to a big rally downtown in Asheville, several years ago ...which planted the seed for the dream.

I hope I find out whoever was baking the cake.  And except for football stadiums, I used to go barefoot lots of places where grass grew.


  1. The smell of baking cake should not cause nightmares. I can smell it from here, baked perfectly.

  2. Interesting dream -- did you try and interpret it? I dream a lot -- never figured out why. Need to read more of Jung's works. -- barbara


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