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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weedy or not

At the best of the garden...but note some weeds going onto the front steps! Somewhere is a hidden pot with a geranium.
Clearly I let the weeds go along with coleus that just went crazy this year
And the giant now has dying and moldy leaves full of ants.

The other morning I got outside before the sun took over the front entrance to my cottage...and cut back the weedy well as the sunflower of which I've been so proud.
Well, you can only live in a weedy entrance-way for so long!

Taking the peppermint back I again could find the daylillies, and this poor leggy geranium
After...a pile of mint on a piece of plastic, to die back today before hauling over to be picked up.
Once I would have harvested the mint, but I find I never make tea from my own leaves.  They just aren't equal to the commercial varieties.

I'm hoping the ants will get their fill of whatever is still nutritious in the remains of the sunflower.

Today's quote:

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress.
Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Did the birds eat any of the sunflower seeds ?

  2. Yes, Autumn is coming to the gardens as well.

  3. My sunflowers are all now dipping low on the stem. I am not sure when to pick them but when they start to land on the ground, I guess it would be time.

  4. and there are your cute little houses, hiding down in there!

  5. You and Linda Starr are giving me garden envy this morning! So looking forward to doing some gardening in our new home.


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