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Saturday, September 19, 2015

My fall pottery sales

Thanks to a blog reader, the tea set in turquoise with bees has been sold, as well as a couple of butterfly mugs.  
I'm so glad someone was selling gorgeous Dahlias last Sat.

 I've got purple cups and mugs, and these three glaze combo bowls and mugs.
Above is one of my mug-bowls, a deep dish bowl with a handle.  And below is the three-glaze combo, showing some of the interactions that happen as the glazes are overlapped.

Marsha and I were waiting patiently for customers last weekend.  When the weather is cloudy we usually have lots of shoppers, but they must have stayed home in bed last week.  So we're all hoping (the 5 Mud Buddies as well as all the other vendors at Black Mountain Tailgate Market) that everyone comes out this weekend to shop!

What else can we do?


  1. yeah for sales, hope it's a good day today

  2. Your bowl shape is wonderful and your dipped glazes are wonderful to see on them.

    1. Thanks so much L.D. Appreciate your critique.


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