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Monday, September 14, 2015

Missing you

I'm letting go of some very old things.  This dresser for one, which has been hauled around so many places it's hard to keep up.  From Tampa to Black Mountain, and St. Augustine before that, and Jacksonville and Atlanta and Knoxville and Gainesville...oh and North Carolina a couple of places before my current address.

But Habitat Home Store will have it next.  It's time.  I've enjoyed that it's entirely hardwood with tongue and groove drawers that slide on little glides...a well made piece.  The exterior has definitely suffered with all the moves.

Habitat is sending a truck this afternoon and a few other old pieces are also going.  I offered them to everyone I know...they probably would cringe at having used furniture in their homes.  But I've been happy to have some lovely things at very low prices in my lifetime.  And now someone else might like them, especially knowing they were owned by a little old lady...though that doesn't mean I treated them especially kindly!  Well used is more like it.

They have served me well.


  1. looks like a beautiful piece, I am sure it's hard to part with it.

  2. It's getting more difficult to find such well crafted furniture made entirely of hardwood and not composites. I'm glad someone else will have a chance to enjoy it as much as you did.

  3. we have either sold or given away most of our furniture every time we moved since it was too heavy to move, when Gary and I got married he had furniture we wanted to give to good will and they wouldn't take it so we tried selling it and then decided the heck with them they had a box in a grocery parking lot where folks could leave items on weekends when they were closed we drove up to drop the stuff off, couch and dining table and chairs and a young couple drove up and said did we mind if they took the item since they were just setting up house and had nothing, so we said sure go ahead, the items goodwill wouldn't take. ha.they didn't have habitat for humanity back then. Did you find a place to move?

  4. It'a a beautiful piece of furniture!


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