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Friday, September 18, 2015

Just a nip in the air

The nights are chilly, yet it's still in mid 70's in the bright sunny daytime.

A nice fresh nut of some kind.  I was glad to get a chance to photograph this before a squirrel carried it back up the tree, as happened just before I took this picture with another nut.  What kind, you ask?
I'll let someone else who knows tell comments hopefully.

The dogwood has turned, looking beyond my mailbox up Alexander Hill.

I received good news yesterday, which will mean keeping even more busy in the weeks to come.  And that means that though I read my blogs, I might miss commenting, or even posting on some days coming up.


  1. Nice photos, Barb. I'm a rather erratic blogger anymore too. It's just so time-consuming, and I'll always have the big floaters in my right eye now, unless they finally decide to settle somewhere. Drives me crazy, especially when on the computer.

  2. My squirrels are taking off with apples and climbing back into the tree. I don't know if they will dry out for them to save or is they are eating them now.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks GZ...good to know cause I'm in a fog about nuts! Usually nuts myself too!

  4. Barbara -- A move perhaps? Whatever your good news is it is always wonderful to get good news. I try to look for a little good news everyday no matter what is happening locally or worldwide. I find it interesting that your interests have a commonality -- soil as it pertains to clay pots and also plants. -- barbara

  5. Hi Barbara...I am immersed in clay these days, and not giving the plants the attention they need. With drought conditions I should have been watering them, and the poor dears are looking very sad indeed. Do you have plants indoors? I've got 3 that remain.


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