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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Building materials

After a lovely brunch at Louisa's (one of Black Mountain's great restaurants) I looked across the street at the varieties of building materials.

First had to walk under the Rhododendron archway.

I wondered what that littlest building on the right had been, since it seems to have been added on later than the larger stone building.

The middle stone building is also interesting, having such wonderful rounded stones placed in a seemingly random but well organized pattern.  It would make the brick store on the end of the block look mundane if it weren't for its diagonal wood paneling around the windows.

When I moved here 8 years ago this was the home of Black Mountain Stove and Chimney.  They now have a much bigger building (still under construction) a couple of blocks south of here.


  1. I'm pretty sure we got our wood cookstove there. Love that rhododendron arch!


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