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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A friend in need

I've been invited many places, when I had little to contribute.  One was to sing with the choirs that Annelinde Metzner leads...yes, I've been in two of them, which are still active under her direction.

I also have enjoyed her music about the Divine Feminine, as well as her prolific sweet poetry.

Now she is dealing with medical needs, and I was the first person to step up and make a contribution to help her.  My donation might not be the biggest one she's received, but it is certainly full of heart-felt love.

For more information about the Fund raising efforts for Linda's medical needs just click the underlined link.  This is also a great short biography of her work.

Linda is in the center of this photo, with Rebecca Williams on left, and Kim Hughes on right.

For a slice of her wonderful poety, check this link to her blog.

I love the idea that charity begins at home...why send a check to help  people on the other side of the globe when we can reach out and help each other right here at home?

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  1. local support is always the most important I think, good for you.


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