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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Running around like a mad-hatter

Yesterday I was fortunate to have the Mud Buddies booth being hosted by my friends and fellow co-op members Pat and Bette.
And Cathy and I held a yard sale over at my house.

This is the last one for this summer.  When (and if) I move I may have another one, so I can downsize to live in yet a smaller and more economical way.  More "green" is what the popular jargon says.  More in tune with the earth.

I'm actually writing this before Sat, since I don't think I'll have time to write while pulling stuff out by the curb.  So if we had rain, or no sales, these are part of the future while I'm writing, though part of the past while you're reading.  Isn't that fun?

Hope you have a great weekend, whatever part of it you may be embracing as this message goes out to the ether.

PS, It's now Sat. night, and the yard sale was a success, but the heat and sun were pretty hard on us all (I ended up having 2 other friends as well as Cathy helping out) and it didn't rain till after we had "dispatched everything."  That means we piled everything into boxes and took them to Goodwill...and gave away whatever we didn't sell. 

I'm very grateful for friends who donated some of their Goodwill items to me to see if I could sell a few of them first...which I did.  So though I'm physically exhausted, there's a little more in my piggy bank this evening.

However the biggest result of the second yard sale, and this time even with 4 of us holding it, it's way too hard on my physically.  So I am never going to do it again.  Things will just have to go straight to the donation next time.

Today's quote:

There are many fine things which you mean to do some day, under what you think will be more favorable circumstances. But the only time that is yours is the present.
Grenville Kleiser


  1. so glad your sale was a success; garage sales are so exhausting, we have had many in Florida and in California and other locations; none here as our driveway is too small and steep/

    we have a trash to treasures sale at the farmer's market on Thursday and Friday here and Gary has been going every week, this past week has been the best he's done, it has one box labeled a dollar and folks comb through that for bargains. Ha. I know I couldn't do what Gary does we are lucky he is still able to do this.

    1. I'm glad things are working out at that market...yes, nothing like a bargain to get one's Celtic blood to the hound...or something like that. I was also glad the rains held off till late in the day (while I was napping) yesterday, and oh is it blessed cool this morning!

  2. Glad your sale was so successful and the piggy bank is a little more full. Now rest and relax. Hope you got the same storms we got that have brought us some wonderfully cool weather.

    1. Yes, the rain brought weather that said blankets at night! Rest and relax is hard, because I've put off some things that now need attention around here. So I'm just going to keep going at my turtle pace, slow and sure.

  3. Selling things at two places is a busy endeavor. I hope all went well.


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