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Friday, June 5, 2015

Rethinking an old design

I used to make vases in this technique...using pieces of torn slabs that are assembled into many different forms.

This one is fun with some different glazing happening.

Torn Slab vase of stoneware $40

My amazement is how glazes act even when they are wiped a bit.  The dark earthy tones where red was wiped, and the luscious green that just wanted to flow into those little indents between the circular designs are very pleasing to me.

Eggshell is used in the interior and at the top, again wiped off with a sponge after being applied.  I love the look of glaze where it's thin, as well as breaking over shapes.  Eggshell gives a nice orange-ish color when very thin.

The middle tone is Matt Bronze Green, which naturally does break over the sculptural piecework.

A vase ready for roses...or ???  I'm going to take it to market this weekend, and hope to have some real flowers to put in it.

An inspiration perhaps:

Words carry a lot of weight in this world, but it is through our actions that we bring things into being.  by Madisyn Taylor


  1. I like the fact that every bit of clay can be used in a unique way; so inspiring

    1. I've never made this style from scraps, because I like having the moisture content enough that I don't have to use slip between the pieces. Just tear, press, then use a rib to smooth the inside to make it watertight.

  2. YES, poke around your yard or the neighbors and get some flowers for it :)

    1. I have my eye on some unclaimed roses.

  3. I wish you well at market. It has to be satisfying to share and sell it.


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