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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pottery, Poetry and Person

The title above is part of the title of one of my most inspirational artists books.  M.C. Richards wrote "Centering, In Pottery, Poetry and Person."  I read it in the 70s, and have moved on a path with many detours, leading me along my love of clay, and poetry.

when a pitcher becomes a vase, I love white on white

Here's another poem from the same site that I got yesterday's poem nice to be able to use a search engine for this kind of link HERE.

Pottery of Love and Joy
by Meg Potter, Jan 9, 2013
Different are the ones in the house,
for they are all unique,
they have their ways,
they live their own special ways.

Each must take their own path,
down the roads that have different beginnings.

All come back to the same safe place,
where they laugh,
where they chatter,
where they sleep in somewhat silence.

There are the silent ones,
the cheerful ones,
the mysterious ones,
the pondering ones.

Each of the people make their own choice everyday,
soon striving away from the house of the pottery.
The finished pottery is silent in the mornings,,
quiet in the evenings,
and dim at night.

But when they all gather,
with one by another,
there is great feasting,
laughter in every room,
smiles on every face,
and a mug for every place.

For this is the pottery that is made of the love and joy from the artist,
the love and joy that lives in their lives.

My pottery display at the Mud Buddies booth, June 13, 2015

I admit that I often feel moved by poems that don't have to do with pottery at all, but I was pleased to find these that seemed pretty nice.

But back to Mary Caroline Richards.  I've spoken about her before on my blogs. I'd say she was a moving force in my own development as a potter and artist.  Look HERE please.

And now I personally know several poets who write very inspirational poetry.  I will ask them if I can share some of their works here with you.  If you can't wait, go check out their web site or blog, Annelinda Metzner and Susa Silvermarie.

I also wrote about M.C. Richards HERE in speaking of various women (including potters) working in their trades.


  1. poetry and pottery, how cool, great poem

  2. Beautiful post. I love your pottery display.


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