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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Post cards that were sent

I'm not changing my profile picture all over the place, but I did finally get my hairs cut the other day...and here I yam, again short for the summer.

About time!  That's one of my Susan Seddon Buolet posters behind my head.

Though I don't have time to research a post for Sepia Saturday this week, I'll share this and say my apologies to the SS folks.  I just don't have any post cards of old buildings. So check out their site HERE.

But if I were to chose an old building to post, I think it would be...mmm, thinking....thinking.

Empire State Building from Top-of-the-Rock

And the nighttime shot reminds me of the movies Sleepless in Seattle, and An Affair to Remember.  That's my romantic heart talking.

But the reason I chose the Empire State building was my own experience as a young adult visiting it for the first time, and buying a post card to send to someone I loved.  See, it all comes together after all.  I sent the card, so I no longer have it.  But I still have my dear one in my heart.


  1. cute hair cut, I'm always drawn to tall buildings each with their own architectural draw.


  2. Loving the hair Barbara. I’ve done the same I can’t stand long hair when it’s hot.

    We visited New York a few years ago, but it was a flying visit, and we didn’t have chance to take many photos or buy any postcards. We would love to do it again one day.

  3. Aa nice memory. After 9/11 I don't have a great desire to go to the top of tall buildings and I haven't been up the Empire State, but we did have dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Toronto Tower, a week or so after staying in the Willard.

  4. I think many of us who first visited New York City bought postcards of the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty to send to our friends back home. It does make for nice memories.

  5. Every time a see a picture of the Empire State Bldg. it reminds me of where I've been - clear up there in that top little tiny round part just below the antenna! My daughter & I were visiting the building on a foggy day. King Kong greeted us as we emerged from one of the bank of elevators on the 87th floor where the general observation deck is located & where those movies were filmed. Because of the fog, of course, we couldn't see a thing. There was a single elevator off to the side of the others. I asked King Kong where it went. He told me it went up another 12 stories but we couldn't go up any further. I smiled. "Please?" I pled prettily. King Kong looked around and seeing no one at the moment, motioned us into the little elevator & up we went. We still couldn't see a thing, but I knew where we were & when I see a picture of that building, I remember! It never hurts to ask. :)

  6. I visited New York many times but never went to the Empire State Building. I did send nyc postcards though.

  7. I started to build a model of the Empire State Building out of matchboxes when I was small, but never accumulated enough matchboxes to finish it.

  8. Sleepless in Seattle, Affair to Remember, and your lovely memory --- what better doff of the hat to the grande dame, Madam Empire State Building!


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