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Monday, June 29, 2015

My sons' reunion

Having one of those blended families, my oldest two sons have a different dad than my youngest.
So their dad had a big family reunion in California last week.  And thanks to Facebook I got to see their smiling faces in lots of shared photos.

However, not having seen most of that family for at least 15 years, (at my middle son's wedding) and never ever having seen a lot of these's kind of like the Jones or the Smiths.

However these are the Heyms.  And my ex was instrumental in putting the 44 person reunion together.

Here my ex (red shirt) is receiving an engraved memoribilia from a cousin (I think).

This is my favorite picture that has been posted, my ex on the left, my oldest in the center, and my middle son on the right.  The Heym boys.  I'm so glad they got together with all these cousins at various removes.  And my ex was not the patriarch of the family at almost 76.

The man in the foreground is Bud Heym, and I don't know any of the others in this photo.  And that's because Ancestry doesn't give out information on folks who are still alive, and since I'm no longer  a Heym, I haven't the privilege of knowing who is the son/daughter/mother/father of whom.

The patriarch, Bud Heym, and daughter (I think) Margaret Heym-Lemon
That's ok, I am glad to see that my sons now belong to a tree that they can relate to.  My side of my family fell off their tree, so I've had mainly just the listings on Ancestry to look at who I'm related to.  except that now I have some cousins on the Rogers tree that have also, you guessed it, become Facebook friends.  We haven't seen each other since the 50s.  So it's fun to try to figure out how we have such different (and sometimes the same) interests.

And by popular request, here's another selfie of my re-do, the second cutting of my hairs, so they hopefully won't stick out every which way.  This is not true however, as I found out when I wake in the morning.  But alas, I'm not going further with this effort, and will instead just put my head under water whenever needed.  Ah!


  1. a fb reunion of sorts for you, kind of nice to get reacquainted

  2. Thanks Linda, thanks glad someone out there is still reading blogs. I am. Maybe there's three of us, don't tell!

  3. Love the shorter hair. It looks so carefree and manageable.

  4. We just got back from a family reunion (my partner’s side of the family). They are great fun.


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