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Monday, June 1, 2015

Making things to order

Another vendor at the Tailgate market ordered these cups...and I think was pleased with them.

I like the way the glaze runs into the indented place on each side...a bit hard to see.
This ladybug mug sold last week to another artist.  May it bring her inspiration!
As a hobbiest potter, I make a few things a week...and yet I still make more than I sell each week.  So that means many tubs of pottery stacked in my studio.  As well as hammering away at those that just don't make the grade...little dings or not quite right glazes are becoming more noticeable for me.

So making things to order is a great idea for me, if you all can wait until the studio kiln can do the firing cycles that a community studio goes through.  Remember not to expect colors and sizes to be exactly as you imagine, and you'll probably be happy.

 However, for savvy shoppers who order well in advance, this might be just the right idea.  They'll get what they want, and I won't have that inventory storage problem.

So I've been offering a nice discount to those who order things from me.

I love win-win situations, don't you?


  1. I love unloading a kiln and knowing that most of it is already sold!

  2. Replies
    1. It is kind of purple, kind of to look at in your hands!

  3. I love custom orders. It lets me make the piece with the user in mind. That seems to flow into the work.

    1. Great to do, to have more connection between creating and using something.


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