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Friday, June 12, 2015

From the studio

I may enjoy the woods, and certainly take a lot more photos per minute spent there...but also am moving much further by car.  The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 2 hours and 12 minutes from Black Mountain, but of course we took a bit longer with some interesting stops.

Here are the things I've been doing these days.

Celtic cross thumb knobs

Flowing purple mugs

 Thanks Marina, for being such a loyal customer!

Today's Poem:

Maria Keisoglou

 Baby ladybug
the princess of the caress
landed on my hand


  1. what a wonderful purple that is

  2. those are some FINE and beautiful glazes indeed!

  3. Thanks to's what used to be I'm making it a bit more purple by using a "plum" touch on the rims. Thanks to Gary too! Rian, I find with a slippery glaze on the handle the thumb knob makes holding a mug doable.

  4. Lovely pottery. I always look for mugs with thumb knobs. They just feel so right.

  5. The mugs, bowls and plates are so well done. You love your creations and it shows in the good work you create.

  6. all nice... but love those lady bugs!!

  7. Your mugs are so artistic. Like how the purple flows and the Celtic cross on the handle. -- barbara


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