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Friday, June 19, 2015

Dreaming in summertimme

I posted twice on the 17th, so took a day off on the 18th...and here we are again!

You all know how you wake up super early 'cause those birds are serenading you, and the cats are saying, see it's light out (at 5:30) so we need to be fed, MEOOWWWWW!

If I have a black nose and short hair, I'm Panther

Brown nose and long hair is Muffin at 18 years senior

So I dragged the old bones to the kitchen only to find there are guys standing outside my living room window in the street.  It just about took the dream away.  They are looking at the ground across the street.  About 5 of them.  The ground is bare, prepared for becoming a real driveway.

I've had the windows open all night, ah in the 60s still!  So I close them after dishing out cat food.  And stagger back to bed.

Now what was that dream?

Ah yes, I had a little dark brown furry animal that I was caring for...maybe pup, maybe kitten, maybe bear...just a small furry creature, which wanted to get out and about, but was still a babe and couldn't get past the barriers I set for him.  Then he acted lonely so I got another little critter. 

This one was blond with short fur all over it, including it's cute little trunk.  Yep, a 3 inch furry blond elephant baby, which actually was pretty smart.  This little one taught the other one how to get through cracks in my little fences, and they both escaped to under and behind all the furniture.  I was thinking of keeping the baby furry blond elephant-kid, knowing since it was miniature it wouldn't get much bigger.  It's a dream, right?

Then something got me awake, perhaps the hundredth load of cement, or the fact that the usual garbage truck backed up the street until it got to a cement truck, and couldn't get as far as my garbage cans, which is urksome no end...

So I made my coffee and sat down at computer for breakfast.  And on FB is this picture.  This is within an hour of when I had my blond furry elephant dream.

Pretty close, blond, furry and little!  Never let it be said that even when the computer and FB are turned off they still don't control your mind!

So the guys (10 of them by now) continue with their work.  And I remember fondly what my sub-conscious came up with to amuse me this morning.

9 cement men, and owner with back to us in grey shirt on street on right


  1. Crazy dreams! I also find it unsettling when I talk to Jeff about something, turn on FB, and there is an add or post about what we were just talking about... eery.

  2. My poodle dog can get me up early everyday and I tend to take him out also in my sleep. He was having accidents so I bolt out of bed as if I worked in an emergency room. Sometimes I get to go back to bed but then the bigger border collie wants to go out and he may stay so long that I am then wide awake. We woke to the noise of street workers as the whole town is torn up and getting new asphalt roads. The start early because they are way off of schedule because of all of the rains.


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