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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Art in Bloom - follow up

I publicized the events before they happened.
The White's house, June 19, 2015
  But what was it like to sit for 2 hours at someone's home and share their garden with visitors?

And what was the poetry reading like at Black Mountain Center for the Arts? No photos, but enjoyable listening.
Hidden behind the parked cars was this tasteful sign
I didn't go to the gala dinner kick-off so I can't say what it was like.

And what were the floral arrangements like which were created with a piece of art as inspiration?

Sharing a garden as part of a tour of 6 gardens.

I enjoyed seeing how a landscape designer has built additions to their home beautifully, including how they like to live outdoors a lot of the time.

 The landscaping of a home overlooking the golf course was excellent in keeping privacy behind the forest on all sides, and thus having a shade loving garden.

You could hear golfers through the trees, but you knew you were invisible to them

This week the paintings completed by the plein air artists from all the gardens will be displayed in the galleries of BMCA.  Here one is being observed hard at work.

Finished work

More painting being discussed...
Artist and her finished work
By 3:30 when the thunderstorm hit we were glad to stand in the carport.

There's nothing like having rain and heat and tall trees in the summertime.

The pavement gave off heat, and you could see the sign welcoming visitors easier now that nobody was parked by it.

Come over to Black Mountain Center for the Arts to see the results of those great artists working away last Friday and Sat.  Their work is now matted and framed and displayed for the next couple of weeks.


  1. That was a great watercolor there, and I want a lion fountain!

  2. been years since I went on a garden tour, I always enjoy them, what a treat to have the floral arrangements and plein air paintings as well.

  3. I love participating in garden tours, it’s always an enjoyable day.

  4. I bet that was a wonderful thing to attend. I love painting outside but haven't done so for so many years. My wife and I would paint along the north shore of Lake Superior for two weeks every summer. I hope the weekend event was or is a success.


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