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Thursday, June 25, 2015

a pile of fur or clay

Here Muffin (head to right with paw over nose) sleeps on the printer (under the towel)

Yes, she looks just like a big pile of multicolored fur.

So, I also have a problem...namely the amount of left-over or shed fur from this warm body...everywhere in the house!

She lies down, and when she gets up, there is a blob of fur remaining.  It is just hairs, but it looks dirty, and definitely untidy!
So I took the scissors to her the other day, as well as her daily brushing.

This pile of fur has been cut from the cat in this picture!
My studio space at home is very comfortable, and I keep it slightly tidy.  I do work at the BMCA studio also (Black Mountain Center for the Arts).

My own wedging board is plaster under an old pillowcase, and I leave my recycled clay to firm up on it.  However you can't tell by this picture that I left this clay sitting too long, and it's hard as a board.  Time to re-wet it in a bucket and begin the process of reclaiming it again.  This could be a couple of mugs or bowls eventually.

Since I don't do production, when I make 2 plates or bowls, and trim them, I only have a little bit of trimmings left around the wheel.

Last week I was painting some butterflies here at my work table.  Hint, I do keep my glaze bottles upside down, which keeps the pigments easily accessible for the little amounts I use, and maybe helps them not dry out at fast.  One week I tried having them upside right, and the black glaze came out dark brown...

I know, you wanted to see Muffin with her cut.  She's not too bothered by it...and just looks like a pile of fur with strange lengths.  But it has cut down on the frequency of fur balls she usually gives me. twice a week.


  1. My short haired cat Butter shed much more than Betty who has longer hair. I used a man's comb with tines fairly close togethr to comb Butter and it seemed to help keep the fur piles down.

  2. Muffin is a beautiful girl :) Thanks for the studio tour!

  3. I like your cat. I also appreciate seeing your set up for making your pottery pieces. I would like to start up a studio for making pots but I don't really think it will be in my future. I was an art teacher for 35 years and did pottery in the classroom all those years. You work is so nice and it is so fun to see it.

  4. There's a handy little gadget called a Furminator that thins as it grooms. I use one on our dogs. They have them at Tractor Supply but also on line at half the price.

  5. Thanks Vicki I'll look for the Furminator. sounds like the answer, and Muffin can keep her pride, perhaps.


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