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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Glorious Sunday with pottery

Back in the studio.
Conscious of how I use my body.  Each centering of clay demands that I relax shoulders, straighten spine, use my legs and elbows propped upon them to push the clay, not my neck and shoulders.  I'm trying to keep the muscles that just graduated from Physical Therapy happy.

A few weeks ago I did throw a couple of tiny pitchers, glazed them, and here was one. 

I'm now trying to get finished on some of the Spirit Houses, but all three that are glazed are still waiting for the final firing since they didn't get in the one loaded yesterday.  Strange choices that Charles makes when loading a glaze kiln.  He thought since there wasn't much glaze on them...or something to that effect.  I just have to be patient with his way of doing things, he's the manager after all.

I've got a roof which I removed after the construction showed it was just the wrong size for the body of the wishing well.  So now I'm going to make something else to go below the roof.

Is this a bit of cart before the horse?  Perhaps.  I'll let you know what happens, because I have no earthly clue at this point.
Can you see the violets blooming in the grass like crazy? behind the pots just about dry enough to trim.

My mantra is to make 4 things each day...whether beginning, middle or ending process.  Not exactly production, is it?

If only we could go outside, please please please!


  1. This week is starting to warm up; that's the only thing I don't like about community studio's is waiting to get stuff fired.

  2. Start small and give yourself time to grow. I am rather fond of small things. There's something very comforting and almost meditative about holding a small pot in your hand.
    You have violets. I'll be happy if we get our by May.
    Isn't the sun wonderful?

  3. I will miss your Black Mountain blog but I realize time is important for many pursuits not just the computer screen. I only have one blog and I find it difficult when my time gets crunched to publish often. I will need to change your blog to Alchemy of Clay on my blog's sidebar -- taking off the Black Mountain -- I think that is right. Let me know if I am doing this right OK. -- barbara

    1. I don't know if you "follow" by a different method than I do. I know some folks do RSS feed, whatever it may be. I go to the "layout" selection on the dashboard, and on the page of my blog I then choose "edit" in the "blogs I follow" space...where I can add (or remove) blogs by their URL. SO ahead of time I will have copied the blog address I want to add, then I paste it in where it shows the blank window, press save, and voila' I've got a new address listed...which is how I keep looking at all these wonderful blogs (most of them anyway!)


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