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Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting my groove back

A tiny wine red pitcher.  For cream or some small nice condiment, I think.  Holds 1/2 cup, microwavable!

This is Little Loafer's clay.  Inside is satin white glaze, out is Raspberry, shop glazes at BMCA clay studio.

Quote for today:

Keep inviolate an area of light and peace within you.
Corazon Aquino


  1. what a lovely little pourer. That raspberry glaze is a classic!

    1. Thanks Anna, glad to hear from you here.

  2. That's a nice wine red color. Does it ever break to white? The Helen studio has a raspberry glaze that was a bit lighter in color.

    1. Yes Linda, it does break to white, as you can see on the edges of the handle. It doesn't look this nice if it's not pretty thickly applied, 2 coats. But then it also runs easily, so can't be near the bottom of the pot's edge or ooops, onto the kiln shelf. One of the reasons I hold it and keep the finger marks.


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