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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Tailgate pack and unpack

A couple of new bowl/vases with 2 glazes on outside of each.
Some pots to perhaps take to tailgate this week...will they all fit?

Most of these got left in a container that didn't go last week.  They will be on exhibit this week.

Muffin makes sure I know which ones she likes.

I did sell the pitcher in the lower left, but everything else had to be repacked and brought home again.

The mistake platter, which not only failed in throwing, but failed in glaze, but everytime I want to throw the hammer, someone says no.  Why I ask?


  1. Pretty stuff -- and, yes, I like the mistake platter though I couldn't say why.

  2. Beautiful work! The mistake platter would be great underneath a plant.

    Kathy M.

  3. The mistake platter would be perfect to hold it and carry a snack or a candle perched on it. I love the color of the two handled piece and the cream colored pitcher. Aren't cats just like that, they have to be in the middle of everything.


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