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Sunday, July 1, 2012

simple pottery pictures

You know, I forgot to take the pictures with the backdrop, the diffuse lighting etc.
So here are the usual simplified ones of some recent work, either finished or still in process.

 A "vase within a vase"

It's fun to try to do again what you've done before, and lost.  The raku" vase within a vase" that I did in college is long gone.  Now that I've got one, and it's just the idea of it, I think it needs to be expanded upon. 

Three altered thrown vases awaiting glaze

One of the plates made for an order to duplicate a similar one from a year ago.  Of course with all these variations, it obviously won't exactly match the original.

  And this is one I didn't even offer.  It doesn't have the same dish curve as the original, which I can certainly do better.  The original had a much larger flat area before the curve of the lip, so this one didn't get offered.  As I've so often said, it's a good thing I'm not a production potter.  I'm not enough of a perfectionist.

Soon I'll have pictures of the soap dishes with lace imprints.  See the doilies behind these pictures?  The lace on the soap dishes is similar!  All hand crocheted by some talented craftswoman.  You know no men made these handiworks!


  1. Its all pretty but OH MY! The lovely plate indeed!

  2. Great post Barb! I love finding and reading now blogs on potters. I'm always amazed at the diversity of work that is out there and it really does inspire me to try new things! Did check out Marian's blog! Thanks for sharing!


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