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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Potter friends

For potters only:
And if you didn't get a chance to see this great combo of interviews with various potters on Fetish Ghost Secret Studio
don't miss spending some time (give yourself time, even in chunks when you can)

MN Potter's Sharing the Fire

It has taken me a few times coming back to watch this.  Well worth it.

One break for a great spinach salad with Florida tomatoes.  No kidding, bringing back fruit in a cooler gave me the best tasting ones I've had since I picked my own.  My plants haven't produced here this year.  The salad has yesterday's left over guacamole drizzled in the central part, a few dried cranberry buds all over, and some honey mustard dressing just on the outer leaves.

This morning I took a break to have some red grapefruit with honey drizzled on it.  Can't remember where I learned this but it's such a heavenly combination of flavors.

What kind of clay project are you working on these days?

I've decided to give each of my sons and grandchildren a plate with their names on them for my 70th birthday.  Hey, it commemorates not only my birth, but the first time all of them will have gathered for a celebration of my family.  (The son number one's ex-in-laws have annual Christmas Eve parties, and I think we've all been there one or two times.  But now my son is divorced, and even though we are still invited, it might be a bit strange if his ex has another date for their party sometime.)

So today I threw some plates.  Can't trim them for a day though, at least because I'm busy at the times the community studio is open.  That should be ok.  If worse comes to worse, I'll trim them in 2 days, and with the humidity we've been having, 2 days may be just about right.

OK, lots of people keep saying they're coming over for something or another.  And I just wanted to drink a beer and relax this evening.  (Oh oh, you've found me out, I write my posts the night before they are posted) So I'll try to be able to walk straight if I need to.

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  1. I watched that video the whole way through, very informative, especially the ten years part, it's only been about six years for me, guess I have a ways to go. Great looking salad.


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