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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Studio(s)

A touch of color and detail...Raspberry glaze on the lip, then a snowflake crystal glaze dipped up almost to the top...makes an interesting mix doesn't it?

Crazing througout the middle and bottom of this one.

Look at the crazy crazing on this one where the rim is dark chocolate (almost black)

Here's a peek at my studio, just for Where Bloggers Create Party, that's happening on the 14th here...  
  Never tried it, and I'm about the 260th or so person to join...maybe.  The way blogger has been treating me lately, I don't know.

 Welcome to my humble place of production...

At the bottom on the right  you can see a slab of wet clay being reconstituted on a slab of plaster (my wedging surface).  The shelves on the wall were meant for wet work, but instead have become a catch-all.

There's a storage problem at my house.  Where can I store, or display, all the pottery art I've made?  For now this is one very crammed shelving unit (of three).  I've got pottery everywhere!  I will need to organize it (one of these days!)

One of my favorite things is to put greenware on the windowsills when I have the windows open.  Of course now I'm grateful to have a window airconditioner in the room.

I do most of my glazing at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts clay studio, where everything is fired in their kilns.

I also volunteer for several of the open studio times, helping out as well as being an Independent Student  using the space and glazes.  The cost is comparable to other studios in our area.

And I get to take part in some special firings, like this pit firing a few months ago.

So this is my "other studio" where I share some great equipment in the community space with other potters.

This gives me many more opportunities to try out different things, like glaze trials.

And for an artist who often prefers to work alone, the clay studio provides community.  Here the Clay Club of Western North Carolina met and shared some demos and a pot luck a few years ago.

The daily sharing of our creativity enables us to get to know each other pretty well at the BMCA clay studio.  I've made many of my closest friends here.  We're a great group.  It's relaxed and fun, and we chat about anything we're interested in, as well as sharing tidbits about pottery making.


  1. Wow what a great tour, is crazing ok on the exterior of pots or is it considered a fault? I like it. and you do the best over lapping of glazes.

    1. Hi Linda: Yep, you can go crazy on exterior of things, and I avoid it on interiors, cause it can let some moisture into the clay. But it's surprising how many glazes have very fine fractures we barely can see. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Barbara -- you have so much going for you in your Clay Club. A community of like minds must be stimulating -- with pluses of good friendships. Nice photos -- barbara

    1. Hi, didn't mean to mislead you, but the BMCA clay studio is one group of close friends who I see almost daily. The Western NC Clay Club is another group altogether (though probably much the same kind of people) that I invited to have their monthly meeting at our studio one time. I've been to other studios where they held meetings as well as at a gallery. The Clay Club seems mainly made up potters who are more into production than I am. But I've enjoyed hearing a lot of what they share, as well as eating food with them.

  3. I love the raspberry and the yellow. What a nice clay community. I've found potters to consistently be such nice people without the stereotypical "artist" temperaments. Must be something about working with dirt!

    1. Yep, we seldom get the dirt out from under our fingernails we fit right in with say, ditch diggers and mmm, other muddy people. Tee hee. Almost all nice people is true!

  4. boy you sure hit the nail on the head with that last statement....for artist's who like to work alone....that's me...I need quiet in my house....and everything has to be organized or I can't think! I love your creations...pottery is something I've never done....except in high school art class....with the kiln and all....

    thanks for sharing all of your pictures...stop by to visit with me too, if you like..I'm also showcasing my home studio through Karen.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. I also can relate to your last statement, I work better alone. I love it when all is quiet and I'm alone with my thoughts. Your pottery is amazing! I enjoyed my visit Barbara, thank you for sharing. ♥ ஆ

  6. I love your glazes . It is obvious you have been
    blessed with a great potting community ...
    and creative spaces Pat beglin

  7. oh my! What fun you must have here!!!! Love it.


  8. Barbara, thank you for leaving a comment on my "Where Bloggers Create" party post.

    I love, love, love your pottery! It must be wonderful to be able to make something that is so beautiful and yet useful too. I took a pottery class in college but, to my dismay, I just couldn't get the hang of it. You're so lucky to be blessed with such a gift!

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  9. First of all...I love your pottery! I love pottery and would love to learn one day:) Secondly, if you need storage space, I would gladly foster some pieces at my house..I have some room! LOL wink** Thanks for sharing your creative space with us, I enjoyed my tour.


  10. Thanks for all the kind words. I've been looking (slowly) at the studios that entered the blog-party. What a fun thing to do, and I've really enjoyed seeing all those studios...just didn't have time to comment or I'd have missed half of the ones I've seen. And I'm doing it backward in the alphabetical listings so have only done to the "s" so far! Got a lot more blogs to look at, don't I?

  11. You make pottery? Oh my goodness... how lucky you are! I would love to be able to squish my fingers in clay... ahhhh sounds like fun ;-)

  12. Barbara...
    I found your post absolutely the few years I've been reading blogs I've not run across someone whose hobby is creating pottery! You've made some gorgeous pieces darlin'! While I've never given it a try...odd, I've probably tried everything else! seems to me that shaping something out of clay on a spinning wheel would be soooo soothing. You may think your studio is humble sweetie...your work certainly isn't!

    just me...sittin' in my chair here in Texas and VERY impressed...jan

  13. A potters studio, how delightful!. I took a class on this once. I do not have the skill
    it takes to turn them out like you do. Wow, such lovely work.
    Keep smiling and creating thanks for sharing

  14. Love your work!! It brought back happy memories of painting ceramics when I was younger. Of course the quality was missing, but I had fun. Your pieces are beautiful! Will have to visit your Etsy shop.
    When you have time, come visit my space.

    your newest follower,

  15. Absolutely Love it!
    The pit firing looks awesome, and
    Your pottery work is beautiful.

  16. Wow! What a fun community to be a part of. We need more stuff like that around here. I love the crazing on the pottery you have made. Gives it such a nice texture. I used to work at a ceramics factory a long time ago. We used to make giant ceramic pots to plant trees in. The kilns were HUGE! and hot, but in the winter it was really nice on firing days because the building didn't have heat. lol. Anyway, I think my favorite piece is the lady with the blue dress on the bottom shelf but I enjoyed seeing all your work. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  17. This was fun to see, I havent seen many pottery studios (other than one here at our art center and at my art school that I went to (many moons ago). It looks so interesting and I just love how you work the glazes, I might just have to try out some pottery. Lovely pieces and thank you for sharing your spaces.

  18. Wow, I havn't done pottery since school (many, many years ago). Your photos make me want to take it back up again! Thanks for the tour!

  19. Thanks for the peek into your studio and thanks for sharing your work! I always enjoy seeing the creative spaces of other artists and crafters.

  20. Hi!

    I love the idea of a studio community. Although I am a teacher and only home full time in the summer, I dream of working from "Home Sweet Home." However, I find that in the summer I get lonely. A studio community will be a wonderful thing. I may have to start one for knitters.



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