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Monday, July 23, 2012

Berry harvest time

Berry picking is part of many of our summers these days, and we are fortunate that so many growers invite us to "pick your own".  The wonderful berries being harvested now provide precious deserts. .

It's strange how many folks look at our berry bowls at the Tailgate market, turning them over and seeing those nice drain holes in the bottoms, with little saucers for serving anywhere...and they ask what are these?  Well, we're very happy to enlighten people.

How many of the fruits and vegetables that you ate today were grown within walking distance of your home (say 10 miles)?  That's not even thinking about the meats you ate.   Now extend your circle of "locally grown" to include what could be transported without refrigeration...perhaps around 50 miles for fragile things, maybe more for things like cantaloupes or watermelons.

I admit I buy some of my groceries in packages from afar.

I grow a few things in containers in my yard.

But I'm really interested in reading blogs by people who garden seriously (vegetables) or farm!  These folks have some idea how to live close to the land, and I wish I were doing so myself.

We're planning a pot luck on Aug. 1 (wait for a blog about Lammas soon here).  I urge everyone to bring things locally grown to share our "first harvest." 

How about sharing a favorite recipe of something that's grown/harvested close to your home?  I'll look around and find something to share here soon!


  1. I'm selling quite a lot of berry bowls of late..and they are fun to make!

  2. people ask me for berry bowls, and I simply prefer bowls....but as far as local food goes, gosh, we did pick your own peaches and raspberries last week, OH MY! :)

    1. I bet they tasted great (peaches and raspberries!)


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