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Thursday, August 28, 2014

From the past...labyrinths

Several methods, of which I'm still not certain I would do them again, of glazing a finger labyrinth.

The designs are from our ancestors, way way back.  The triple spiral is found at Newgrange, Ireland, and the island of Malta.

The other occurs at Chartres Cathedral, in a sight said to have been holy before the Christians came there.

Both labyrinths are to be followed meditatively with a pencil/pen/toothpick etc.  To spend a moment away from screens of digital images, and thinking of the continual spirals of our lives, in out around and back to come to center.  Which is what a labyrinth is all about.

Now remember, a maze is full of dead ends and aims to confuse one into never getting to center, or even returning.  The labyrinth is to attain center, slowly, to spend that time on your own movements, and perhaps to think slower, and feel better.  That's what I've heard.


  1. I have walked two, but so clever, one you can hold!

    1. I've walked three, and helped lay out one of them. Did you have a "centering experience?"

  2. Oh I remember seeing your labyrinths before but I missed this post, they probably take a long time to get them just so in the making.


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