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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wishing Plates

For my 70th birthday, I'm giving each of my three sons and their family members, a commemorative plate. 
I've called them Wishing Plates.  What I would want to wish for your birthday, or mine...and share with you!

These are the first ones that are acceptable...but they aren't perfect, unfortunately.  I'm still learning, and this project gave me lots of humility.

A few more may come out of the kiln before I give them to family members.  I'll try to take their pictures and post them here as well. 

I found that just putting wax on areas didn't mean the glaze would stay clear of them.  So I went through several extra steps before learning how to pour glaze quickly and shake the plates so the wax had a chance to retard some of the glaze. 

And writing in simple letters was harder than I thought, because I had different amounts of curve on those lips.  Oh my, I really wish I could make every plate closer to being the same as every other.  But I probably won't do this again.  So it's been definitely a labor of ...

what else, LOVE~!


  1. What a wonderful series for your sons and family members, I think other folks would also like a set of these and the beauty of them is that they aren't exactly alike.


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