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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grey day, glazing, and garbage collection

A quick video on a glazing technique that was shared on
Musing About Mud here a few days ago.  (If you haven't started seeing this blog regularly, you're missing a lot!)

Let me know if you try this out and how it looks, ok?  I talked about it at the Black Mountain community studio yesterday, and had a raised eyebrow interest.

It is a totally grey beginning to the day.  Not clouds and rain, but the thing that can only happen in the inside the cloud.  (Well, I guess fog can happen anywhere)  The tops of mountains, even the total mountains, have disappeared.

The Montreat mountain view is totally shrouded today over the rooftops

 Yep it's garbage day.  Why would I post the can and the recycle bin picture here?  Well, how many people live on a dead end street that's so small the garbage trucks (2 different ones) have to back up the street?  You've got it.

My very own garbage can, mail box, and if you look close you might see the mimosa tree too.  
So the grey day is upon me.  And I am full of cheerful spirits.  Enjoying breakfast over blogs.  Some days just start out so positive, even if the mountains are in clouds!


  1. Mimosa trees remind me of when I lived in Hawaii when I was in the fourth grade. Ha. Wish we'd get some fog here to block out the sun and rain, we need more of that too. I saw that video and hope to try that, the glaze looked real thin didn't it, my glaze usually isn't that thin.

    1. Hi Lilnda, I think they thinnned that glaze a lot with water...which makes me wonder how it showed on the under glaze...hope someone else has tried this, or will and let me see some results.

  2. Replies
    1. No, Gary, this Mimosa is not like the drink (champagne and orange juice). ;) Actually the little darling not only provides me welcome shade, but dribbles those blossoms all over the car if I'm not careful. I just went out and washed it (thanks in part to the cool grey morning!) (the car washed, not the tree)

  3. Fog. I remember living up the McKenzie River (pretty, and a bit higher in elevation) and driving across the railroad tracks in Springfield to hit the fog. If I would have been able to stay home, I would have had a sunny day, but driving to work and most of the day, I barely got to see the sun due to the fog.

    We go to the dump these days.

    I enjoyed catching up as seeing your bathroom stuff and serving dishes. You are so talented!

    Kathy M.


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