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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the circle of abundance

After sunset last night

Don't miss the TailGate market in Black Mountain (where toes peek out form under some tables!)

Yes, do go to the second row, where if you look hard you'll find a red tent with pottery! (on the left of this pic)

Where you might find some of my pottery
And Cathy and Judy (teacher and student)

And Cathy did the happy dance when I bought another of her cups...(see the pose above in my car, with gorgeous porcelain cup with leaves on it.  It matches another that I'd already taken home with me.) 

Doing the happy dance with bills in hand, we all hope they are multiplied many times over.  For all of us!

Those gorgeous flowers in my vase in the foreground were a birthday present from Cathy.  What goes round, comes round...seems to work!


  1. multiplication of happy dance and bills is the best.

  2. Have a fabulous show Barb! Outdoor markets are so much fun!

  3. This looks like a successful market day. A lot of cool stuffs are on sale. I'm so envious I wasn't there.
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