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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Camping out

A camping trip is:


  • a chance to get back to nature

High Falls, GA

  • an opportunity to live out-doors
Blog posted in April about ropes to hold canvas up

  • a way to re-establish your skills dealing with the unknown (man vs. nature!)

  • a chance to relax (how many times did you bring a book? and read it?)
Pisgah National Forest, NC

  • a different view of the world
  •  connect to the lives of your ancestors who lived a lot rougher life

  • a way to cook over a tiny stove or an open fire

  • an opportunity to have a campfire
Lake Tomahawk, NC
  • a place where exercise is available

  • a place where there will be less distractions between family/friends and better communication
a way young people can frolic around without many restraints

  • a place where there is limited cooking/eating/clothing/bedding as well as the way to care for them

  • a way to set limits on the luxuries that we're used to

  • a place to stay that's less expensive than motels/hotels/restaurants

My sculpted Model of camper on blog in 2012

  • hot/wet/muggy/cold/dry/uncomfortable in some way

 Camping Sucks And You Know It - MyCityGossip - MyCityGossip

  • full of bugs and nasty creatures

  • a way to look for new creatures on nature walks/hunting?

  • an opportunity to meet other campers/hikers

  • and a great way to appreciate coming home! 

I'm sharing these photos (a mix of mine and the internet's) for Sepia Saturday this week.

a way young people can frolic around without many restraints

a way young people can frolic around without many restraints

appologies for the awful formatting which blogger gave me when I tried to put bullet points into it! Argh!

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  1. Camping is all of that and more - in both good & bad ways. I camped for years with my family growing up, and again with my own family. But when our kids were grown, we started renting cabins with all the amenities and lake views from nice decks. I do miss camping - sort of - but not so much any more! Besides, some of the family still camps so we still have access to campfires and sing-a-longs. :)


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