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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rope lines and canvas

Some times of "roughing it" while camping in a tent, in campground with picnic tables and flush the Smokies (Smoky Mountains National Park) Great to have a place to park and unload car right on the camping site.

About 1992-4
The tent had poles and rope lines and stakes.

The canopy over the picnic table was hung by rope lines from trees, to keep rain from the 2 burner camp stove and eating area.  But we really enjoyed life by bringing little folding chairs upon which to lounge around a campfire (even if it was in a designated metal box.

My youngest son, Tai, enjoying his selection of reading material...I wonder what it was...

We even took our chairs over to sit by the river nearby.

I would spend some of my vacation when Tai was out of school camping.  If we were able to, we'd meet my middle son, Russ, and he'd join us for a camp-out.  He loved showing Tai things in nature!

Sepia Saturday (HERE) suggestion this week is about ropes and patterns, and I think I've linked to that, not to mention the thought of how clothes and towels would have trouble drying when out camping!

Woman Hanging Laundry from Tenement Porch. Manchester, New Hampshire (1936) New York Public Library Digital Collection 

Our theme image this week comes from the on-line digital collection of the New York Public Library. What immediately appealed to me about the image was the geometry of it and you may want to provide examples of lines and angles within pictures from your own collections. There again you may want to display your dirty washing in public - as ever the choice is yours. Simply hang your stuff out on or around Saturday the 29th April 2017.

 Today's Quote in thinking about things drying...

Dryness promotes the formation of flower buds...flowering is, after all, not an aesthetic contribution, but a survival mechanism.
Ann Haymond Zwinger


  1. Ropes & Patterns gets to theHeart of it. 'Love your post.What a nice looking Family.

  2. Never been to the Smokies; really should go -- everyone says it's just lovely country. I'll be sure to bring a lawn chair for use next to rivers/streams!

  3. Sticks and strings and a tarp are all you really need for camping. (a chair does help) But trying to set up camp in a desert where trees are sparse would be tough.

  4. I was looking at Bob's laundry pole having been blown over by the wind, and then at your tent all set up & it reminded me of the time we set up a tent and put a plastic tarp over the top because it looked like rain and the tent had a tendency to leak - except we didn't have any extra rope to stake down the tarp on 4 sides. We had some heavy-duty string though, so I braided four long lengths of string to stake down the tarp. Well it never did rain, but in the middle of the night a tremendous wind came roaring up the canyon and ripped through the campground and while other things got tossed around like matchsticks, those 4 braided string-ropes held fast! I was amazed. Sometimes ingenuity works out pretty well. :)

  5. Good photos from your camping holidays. My family's annual holiday was a week camping by the beach but I can't say I remember those experiences fondly. Woe betide any child who touched the side of the tent if it rained, as this would cause an instant leak, and if it did rain, there was little to do but be confined in the tent. My father got very stressed bout the whole camping thing so the holiday was far from relaxing.


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