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Friday, September 30, 2016

Here to There (and back again)

Many of my posts do include some form of transportation being mentioned.

Earlier in the week I posted how The Old Depot is now an arts and crafts store, but here is it's original purpose, when trains carried families to Black Mountain from Asheville as well as points east and south.

I begin the October series of my submissions to Sepia Saturday with The Old Depot in Black Mountain, NC.

Sepia Saturday's meme for October is "From here to There."

I have a most enjoyable collection of photos and postcards, by Standaert and Standaert...on the Swannanoa Valley, and using the Black Mountain depot photo as their cover photo.  This river valley has many towns located in it, and Black Mountain is one of them.

The mountainous area of Black Mountain has probably more retreat centers and camps than any other area its size.  In the summertime, people come to town in their camp tee-shirts, or with an afternoon off from their scheduled activities to enjoy dinner or at least a coffee or ice-cream.

Whenever I think it's too hot or humid in summertime Black Mountain, I remember what it must be like in the majority of the south. Living with a glass of iced tea (or other favorite beverage) and rocking on a front porch is second only to staying in the water of a lake or pool or beach!  We've got the nicest breezes through the trees, coming up or down the mountain slopes.

Steam Engines still are around, and a tourist outing was held last year, and probably will be held again, of Engine No. 611.  Here's a glimpse of it.

Today's Quote:

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Omar Khayyam


  1. Getting away from hot weather was exactly the reason I figured the area became popular!

  2. Whoa! That's quite the steam engine - old #611. Wonderful pictures, all. I remember riding the train with my mother to San Francisco on occasion when I was a little girl. I always thought it rather exciting. And I've ridden the train to Los Angles a couple of times, and once up the mountains to Truckee. The first time I rode the train to LA I was 2 1/2 and the one & only thing I remember about that trip was eating soup in the dining car & trying hard not to spill while the train rocked and rolled along.

  3. I wonder what it cost per mile if you weren't religious. Trains will never stop being exciting for me because of childhood trips. Drinking water out of the little folded paper cups was fascinating.

  4. Oh, how I wish those trains still ran! Wonderful pictures!

  5. A fascinating piece of local history. The coming of the train to rural communities was such a milestone event.

  6. I love that so many cities and towns have converted their old train stations into museums, shops, and visitor centers. It helps us imagine the time when train travel was more common and held so much adventure. I'm amazed at how busy the Black Mountain station was in that photo.

  7. My great-grandparents lived across from the train station in their little town in Quebec and the station-master's son was one of my grandfather's best friends. One of the old station buildings, probably not the original, is now a museum.

  8. Steam trains seem romantic and full of character to us now, although in reality they were dirty and polluting. Great cards, and good that the station has found a new purpose. Black Mountain sounds like a very pleasant place to live.


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