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Monday, April 11, 2016

When a potter purchases from another potter

Rick is wrapping the mug which I bought from him.

See my mug on the right hand shelf at far center end?

My Hensley mug has a wonderful blurry (probably salt fired) flowery thing...and it's a lefty mug too!  I admit I drink out of either side!

I so enjoyed visiting the Potters of Madison County...but it should probably change the name.  Rick was from Floyd, VA.  He's been interviewed in Ceramics Monthly and had his platter picture on the cover.  I am thrilled to have one of his works.


  1. Beautiful work! I love that mug!

  2. While I was a potter at school, I still liked buying other peoples mugs. I had a potter in Omaha that I purchase one every other year.


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