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Saturday, April 16, 2016

the black bowl glaze tests

OK, I started with a basic matte black glaze, dipped the whole thing in it.
Then half was dipped into satin white quickly.
On that half I squirted some red Designer Liner, not using the fine tip.
Then I brushed on some plum glaze, to add a bit of flux, because it's kind of drippy usually.
Then some Stroke 'n Coat green.
Then I noticed the red was staying very round and raised from the surface and wet, so I pushed it down a bit with a sponge, and dabbed the sponge in other places with the red which came up.

Some good information for my future glazing.  And now I've recorded it here in the blog for me to find when I forget what these glazes actually were.  And of course I like for you to see how these things happen as well.

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