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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The baby looks like his....

When people first see a baby, they are struck by some similarities to an adult relative.  Many say that he looks just like his grandfather, because they both have very little hair.

I have found a few of the photos of my family, both before my own birth, and some of my own children's children.

Let's start with the older photos...the real sepia ones.

My grandmother, Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers.  Born in 1886, this might have been when she was 3 or 4 years old.

Her son, my father, George Elmore Rogers, Jr. Born in 1914, he was probably around 2 or 3 here.

Those eyes sure do look a lot alike in them, don't you think?

Baby sister of my fathers, Ada Mary, and her aunt.  Ada Mary didn't live to adulthood, but there's another baby who carried her name.

The same dark hair and penetrating brown eyes were carried forward by my baby sister, Mary. (I'm the blond holding her.)

Here I am in my 30's with my youngest son Tai ...around 3 months old.

One of those "tilting chairs" with Tai in it.
But the same photo of my middle son in one of those chairs can be confusing...
Russell is 11 years older than my youngest son.

I don't have a photo of my oldest son (Marty) as a baby, since I gave him many of his own photos many years ago. (I bet I have one somewhere, but it wasn't in my digital files.) I do have some photos of him as a father though further down.

Russell around 2 years old, above.

His little brother, Tai around 2 years old, below.  So glad they weren't children at the same time, or this mother would have had some confusion!  They did have different fathers, so I have to say the blue eyes of Russ are definitely different than Tai's brown eyes.

Tai recuperating from a bee sting.

Russell for his school pic around 1st or 2nd grade
My three sons, and the oldest, Marty, has a lot of resemblance to his father.

Marty on right, with his youngest child, sitting next to his father, Douglas, on the left.

 Marty's oldest, Michael, holding Marty's youngest, Cayenne.

Marty's son, William, on the left, then Michael, and Cayenne is cut off, while Marty holds her up.

I don't have one of those proof sheets of many pics of any of the babies taken at one time. But look over at ...
Sepia Saturday this week to see what others come up with.


  1. I'm not sure exactly what it is that links Marty's oldest, Michael, & Marty's youngest, Cayenne. If I tried to pick out which feature between the two of them is the link, I couldn't do it. But they just obviously go together somehow. :)

  2. What a handsome family. The first two photographs are really lovely. Ada and George do have similar eyes, and both are very sweet.

  3. They ALL go together -- good for you for producing such good-looking children!

  4. Lovely pics - it would be interesting to try facial recognition software on these to see if it picks up the family resemblances.

  5. Wow! You were really holding on tight to your little sister!!!!

  6. You look very like your father and grandmother and I think her pose, next to the fence/gate is charming.

  7. Wonderful photos of your family.

  8. It is lovely to have the old sepia photos, very precious, all the boys look lovely and cute, a proud Mum.

  9. I especially like the photo of your father's little sister with her aunt, and feel sad that she did not survive.


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