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Monday, April 4, 2016

Marshall NC Pottery Show

The Potters of Madison County - Marshall NC was a one day show in an old high school which is on an island in the French Broad River.  The school is now used for art studios, and some friends and I had to go see the annual pottery show.  Just walking into the big room (an old gym or cafeteria perhaps) is a fun scene.  I held my camera over my head and started clicking to get the feel of the excitement and the scope of a smallish room full of pottery.

Friends Marsha and Bob Cozart (on left) were in this photo, but I didn't see them for a few minutes...when our paths crossed.

The busy-ness of potters as well as customers was cheerful.

Charlie Tefft had been at Hickory NC just last weekend, (See my post HERE) and still had some pieces on display.  The round form being held by the man in green on the right was about to be purchased.  I didn't get a chance to talk to Charlie this time. (His web address is: Charlie Tefft Pottery)

I'll share just a couple more potter's booths, because I don't want to weigh you down with too much eye candy!

Steven Cheek beautifully carved with celadon glaze!

Steven Cheek does some carving of skulls as well as pretty leaves!
Steven Cheeks' contact is Steven Cheek.

Part of the amazement with Kate Johnston's work is how it's very big, and she's very small.

But her work with carved stoneware is gorgeous, no matter her size!
Here's a great link to show you her large pot and carving process in a short video.

And to cap it off, I give you one shot of nature.  After all, it's the inspiration for many potters.

Where the French Broad looks pretty broad...April 2, 2016 between Marshall and Asheville, NC


  1. I heard about this on NPR when it was too late for me to attend. I'll watch closely for next year. Looks like a great turnout and some great pottery.

  2. Jeff and I were joking the other day that they call the show "Potters of Madison County" when in reality many of them are from somewhere else! Looks like it was a good show.

  3. Isn't that the greatest use of an old school building! Great photos and some fine looking pottery.

  4. Coincidence: I'm just taking some pieces up for an art show!


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