Thursday, April 21, 2016

Little cheese plates or what?

I liked working with slabs of clay and just cutting into shapes and decorating them.  For me they were part of my rehab in coming back to working with clay after several months off because of health issues.  These were projects which gave me a chance to do small things and finish them pretty quickly.  I never knew if I'd feel like working the next day there for the first month I came back.

Or they represent things a DYI person or a beginning potter might enjoy.

As I've done before, the decorative elements are painted Mayco Stroke N Coat glazes, and the linear elements are Designer Liner.  Then I coated the whole plate with Mayco's Matte Clear.

I like the variations in shapes and sizes, but a simple pattern could be used if you wanted to make a "set" of like sizes.

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  1. They'd also look charming hanging in groups on a wall.


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