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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Either spring or summer, flowers will go well here!

Lots of fun surprises here.  The Mayco Stroke N Coat black was applied kind of loosely, and then had a coat of clear matte applied over it...and it turned brown where the black was thinner.  Love it!  And I also like how the green Stroke N Coat came out with a bit of water color quality, which I'm always wanting, but seldom get.

The orange looks ok with the Designer Liner white applied as little dots over it, and all the brush work was covered with clear matte then wax, and the whole thing dipped in celadon.  Then the top edge into the plum for a plunge of brightness on the rim, which flows down of course.

And here's a bit of real spring colors...

Two dogwood by the street

Weeping Cherry (I think)
Weeping Cherry close up


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