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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dan Finnegan Pottery and ancestors

Looking north toward Marshall, as the French Broad flows down to the north from Asheville, NC.
As we commented about how the river had seen so many people go along its banks through the centuries, I share just a smidge about one of my ancestors.

Marker in Huntsville, TX for Sabra Wilbourn Gibbs

Sabra Wilbourn Gibbs was my great great great grandmother.  Her children were Dr. Jasper Gibbs, Thomas, Mary Ann, Lucinda B. Gibbs Rogers, Sandford Gibbs and Hiram Gibbs.  Lucinda Gibbs married George W. Rogers, and they were mentioned in my post last week here, my great great grandparents.

The connection from the Gibbs and the Rogers family is entwined through several siblings marrying to the other family...a brother of Lucinda's married her husband's sister.  Nothing to frown upon here!

But let's just fast forward to today.  One of the potters who displayed at the Potters of Madison County show in Marshall, NC.

Fellow blogger Dan Finnegan from Virginia was invited to the show!

I am completely taken by his not-so-little bird sculptures.
He fires with wood, playing with glazes and slips and a bit of salt firing as well.

Here's his contact info:
He also is on Facebook, and I met him through his blog.  I can't find the link to that, so maybe he's not doing it anymore.(Added after comments: )

This is the sister of the mug which I brought home with me.
Tomorrow another Madison County Pottery Show potter...and another ancestor.  I've decided to also give you a photo of the beauties of spring as well.


  1. The links are in here in this blogpost from DF..he has moved to wordpress, so it can take a couple of attempts to get blogger to add it to your following list..

    1. Well, I did go over to his wordpress site, but he hasn't written on it since Dec. So that's why I figure he's more interested in FB these days. Really nice guy in person! But most potters are, aren't they?

  2. I have not seen his work before, pretty cool!

  3. Love Dan's work. Thanks for all the wonderful photos of show potters.


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