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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Catawba Pottery Show (Chapter 3)

Out of over a hundred displays, these are some that caught my attention most.  And I must mention that I found very few potters who I had seen before.

Pelletier Pottery, Cape Carterer, NC

Pelletier Pottery, Cape Carterer, NC

Pelletier Pottery, Cape Carterer, NC

Pelletier Pottery, Cape Carterer, NC
 The final photo shows a couple of pieces with an entirely different glaze.  I want to try doing something like this, assuming I can throw a huge platter or bowl.  But I can certainly try the glazing style on smaller things first, can't I?

Some fun sgraffito work on porcelain by Raine Middleton of Denver, NC
Raine Middleton of Denver, NC
Turtle Island Pottery, Old Fort, NC (with a moving head which disappeared)

Here (above) is Maggie of Turtle Island Pottery, who I have certainly seen in other shows. Unfortunately my other shots of their work didn't come out (but I urge you to check out the pottery)

Pincu Pottery, Bryson City, NC

Pincu Pottery, Bryson City, NC
Pincu Pottery isn't Majolica, though it has a lot of similarities.

Marti Mocahbee, Staunton, VA
I include a very blurry photo of Ms Mocahbee's work, and mainly because she was willing to talk about her process.  All the colorants are done with slip, and the reddish color is from the bare clay.  She only uses a clear glaze over everything as a final step.  I urge you to look at better photos of her work.

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  1. We know Lanny Pelletier! Jeff worked for Lanny in the early 80's. Back then, he and his wife made pottery with sculpted bears, which were huge sellers. He taught Jeff how to fire a gas kiln. Jeff has been happy to be able to reconnect with him since we moved back to NC.


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