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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stradivarius guitar

Musician Plays the Last Playable Stradivarius Guitar in the World, the “Sabionari” Made in 1679

There were guitars made by Stradivarius.  Did you know that?
The Sabionari guitar (1679) is one of the five surviving guitars made by Antonio Stradivari. At the present time it is the only playable in the world 

And the last one that's playable is being played here...

I discovered (rather late in life) that guitars could play classical tunes when I met a young guitar student at Florida State U in Tallahassee in the 70s.  Oh my.  All those folk players who had 3 chords under their belt could just disappear.  I was in love with that new music...the student was not really of interest compared to a new kind of music I could enjoy.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up to classical guitar music?  And go to sleep to it.  And hear it interspersed with various other "quiet" type instruments like harps, flutes and some piano pieces.  The word quiet is part of why I like classical music better than contemporary.  It isn't that it's written that differently, but percussion is usually not causing it to have a "beat."

Same guitar with Krishnasol Jiménez playing Angelo Michele Bartolotti Suite G minor VI Passacaglie

The Sabionari Guitar has it's own web site, with more music to listen to...

And I must give credit to the newsletter email I receive from where I learn and enjoy many great experiences.

Quote for today:
(The "we" below is undefined, but I believe it's Buddhist.)

We have a spiritual practice of thinking of a fire hydrant as a saint - it's standing there waiting to be of service. It's a way to start reframing our relation to all the everyday things around us.   Frederic Brussat

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