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Friday, February 5, 2016

A lot of cousins

August 28, 1949 was my grandfather's birthday, George Elmore Rogers.  Seventy second birthday.  My grandmother, Gummy, is standing on the far left, next to Poppy.

Their home in Houston was where lots of cousins gathered, and mother's of wives of cousins.  I can't keep track of them all.

Am I in the picture? You betcha! One of the children in the front, staring at my father, the photographer, with my chin on my hand.

Now I've passed my 73rd birthday.  It's hard to believe!

Movies? Yes, I've got some collections of old movies of this family, taken by my father and uncle.  I played some of them on my TV and took some still photos.  Unfortunately they are stored somewhere that I can't locate right this minute.  So I'll just share the still photo with all the cousins.  I think only the older generation in this photo would have known everyone there.  This was a rare time when my mother had given my little sister and myself Tony permanents, so we had curly hair.

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