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Sunday, February 21, 2016

2001 ceramics project

Not my Senior Project at Eckerd College, but my son Tai Rogers.

A tree of clay, having been pressed into limbs and trunk of an actual tree.  Then a kind of building or city sitting on top of it, with film negatives in all the windows.  I don't know what their subjects were, because you couldn't actually see them from the perimeter of the tree with bark mulch around.  And the bright overhead light kind of took away from the chance to have lighted windows become part of the sculpture.

But of course this is a critique in hind-sight.  At the time I remember Tai working with his friend and fellow aspiring Eckerd clay program graduate, Shu, to get their gallery arranged.  It seemed pretty frantic, even for any procrastinating artsy people.  Different things just wouldn't work, and had to be left as conceptual.

Yet he graduated, went on to do many things, including residencies, and a "post-bach" year at U of Colorado, Boulder, and now has his MBA in Ceramics from Indiana U, and is teaching ceramics at DePauw University.  Here's his web site,

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