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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Visit to Marshall NC

My annual trip to Marshall to see pottery also included visiting a sweet North Carolina town.

Court House

Post Office

Sweet Monkey has bright outside seating, but not a good sign designating the restaurant.

An old friend opened this cafe' last year, after having served her wonderful baked goods at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market for years.
With cool weather we were all chummy inside

Dam on the French Broad River with an old mill building

The rails from the east go through the same passes that the river has cut through the mountains

French Broad River flows north and west from Asheville NC through Marshall on its way to Tennessee
We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the brick work
I love the Roberts building from 1922 (so it says up at the top)
The bluff homes are out of any harms way from prior flooding of the river
The Flow Gallery has so much to choose artist coop with several of my favorites displayed.


  1. I love old timey towns with the wide streets and old buildings, one of my dreams is to have a brick building in an old town for my pottery studio and a shop, not sure it will ever come true but it's fun to dream of it.

  2. Thank you for sharing places in my new home state that I haven't explored yet. I wish I had more time to get out of Seagrove and travel around this big state.

  3. I love Marshall! Our farm is about twenty minutes away.


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