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Monday, April 6, 2015

This and that

Easter gave me a bunch of surprises.
Thrift in a neighbors grass

First I got involved in a silly argument, then was accused of doing something totally unknown but horrible 12 years ago, which I had no memory of...and when I tried to talk about it I found that it was much more important for the other person to feel righteous and keep objectifying me than to make peace and have real forgiveness.  I'm really sad about that because we're related.  I hate that relatives do this to each other, and I know I'm also guilty of it sometimes.

What are those prickly things?
Some kind of kernels are inside them

Second, I ran across a friend (another potter) who also didn't have major plans for the Easter/Passover holiday...and so we went out to late lunch and had a good afternoon together.

Lovely flowers in another yard

We even splurged on some Easter chocolate which was on sale at the local grocery store.

I paid homage to Yuki the queen

Saw the newly renovated kitchen!  WHOW!
After my late brunch of pancakes...with a new mug for coffee
Sprayed on glaze which breaks with tiny gold dots within the dennim glaze
Shiva is the only cat who looks like this in my life right now...I'll have to go see her soon


  1. My Gary says family is highly over-rated. relative can really get under our skin that's for sure; we just hung around here, but I did talk to my sister on the phone, sound like a lovely Easter all in all that you had.

  2. Purr-fectly delightful! Happy kitty cat too.

  3. We had a quiet Easter also. The kids went to my daughter's in the Hill Country and texted and sent pics of their Easter buffet. We plan to visit next month for her birthday. So DH and I stayed home and relaxed this weekend. And I made stuffed artichokes - a favorite of ours! Thanks for the picture of the new mug - very nice - like that blue denim glaze.

  4. Relatives may do that. But I do not believe for one moment that you would hold a grudge for 12 years. Over something real or imagined that the other person does not even recall. Glad your holiday ended on a happier note. Love the kitty mug.

  5. Really nice post, except it's too bad about the argument/disagreement with your relative. Especially when you have no memory of what started it all.

  6. Warm hugs and understanding! Whatever your relative's problem was, don't let the negativity get to you. Just remember, you're loved more than you know by others of your family and friends. And you so deserve it too! <3 <3 XOXOXOXO!

  7. Oh when I called to see what was going on, I was told exactly what I hadn't remembered, as well as a lot of names. No resolution however, which was too bad.

  8. If they can get over something that happened that long ago, they should leave the family and become a monk. I really like you photos and your brunch looked really interesting and good to eat.

  9. The fuzzy seed pods look like the pods from a sycamore tree. We have one in between the house and the gallery. Giant leaves, very messy.
    Sorry to hear that about the rift with the relative. Sad that some people can let go of things.


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