Friday, April 24, 2015

Tai Rogers, Ceramic Artist

 Last week at the Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University...running till May 2.

My youngest son, Tai Rogers, has installed his MFA exhibit after 3 years work.

I'm so proud of him!

Here's his web site where he writes the following:

Artist Statement

I am drawn to working with maps because of their innate functions as tools for navigation and orientation; tools that are necessary for physical location as well as personal bearings in life.  I work from a process of selection, taking maps that hold significance to broader ideas or personal inquiry and abstracting what appeals to my aesthetic curiosity.  I act as a lamppost in my own universe of maps, revealing what I wish to highlight about a place.  My work acts as a landmark itself, in guiding a discussion that is the journey of the viewer.  Information is lost in translation as I make choices in presenting an object stripped of, or imbued with particular details depending on my intent, but communication remains of paramount importance to me.  I enjoy the manipulation of the map’s ability to outline information through its universal lexicon or recognized features.


  1. that is SO awesome, congrats to the artist and his mama :)

  2. I almost missed all of this. It is such a great thing for your young man to have this show. I have a former student who is in college in Canada who has spent a lot of time getting ready for his show this spring. I really like how Tai is a visual 3d artist and also incorporates 2d design and or color to make his work so interesting to see.


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