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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shelbyville, KY

It's Tuesday, so I share a few photos of the region around me.

I wandered a bit further away from home than my usual day trips...last week I went to see my son's latest sculptures as part of his Masters in Fine Arts at Indiana University.

But you know I can't drive straight on the route that takes 8 hours steady driving.  I'm an "old lady" who does things as they occur to her, thinking I might not pass this way again.

So Shelbyville, KY was a great stop for getting out and stretching my legs.  The fact that I had previously tried to find the resting place of my ancestor, Isaac Norman, nearby several years ago, and failed, might have something to do with urging me forward.  (See this post about that adventure.)

I had plenty of time to drive just once up and then down the nice one-way streets, and found a parking place easily across from the Historical Society.

Yes, the old lady's reflection shows in the map and locator of historic buildings

All of this was a bit too involved for my quick visit, though it shows that there are a lot of buildings preserved for the public to visit when they have more time.

So I decided to try the door-knob of the Historical Society Museum, and it opened.

I was gawking at various maps and displays when a nice young man came up and introduced himself...Fred Rogers.  When I gave him my name, (Barbara Rogers) I explained I was a Tennessee Rogers, and was looking for an ancestor in this area named Isaac Norman.  Mr. Rogers said he works with the Historical Society and the preservation of buildings, and wasn't a volunteer for the society, so didn't know much about it.  But he turned the lights on upstairs for me to quickly look at the displays.

I found the timeline most interesting. 

My ancestor who is buried in Elk Creek Baptist Cemetery would have been around about the same time as the left-most entries, but about 20 miles down the road in another area, which originally had been in Shelby County, but then was portioned off into Spencer County.

I was sure to have a chance to look for his grave on my way back home..and I took off to Bloomington, IN.


  1. great reflective shots, and I love that white cornices over those windows, they just don't make buildings like they used to.

  2. Oh Barbara -- you travel like I do. Taking some of your rest stops in interesting places rather than the highway rest stops. You certainly found a great place in Shelbyville. The postcard with its magnificent architectural gems is intriguing. Although I lived in KY a little over six years I never got to Shelbyville. As I read through your post and viewed the town and historical society displays I sure wish I had made the trip to Shelbyville.
    Nice post -- barbara

    1. There were way too many historic sites in KY, like all the Daniel Boone places. I don't think I could have seen them all in a month.


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