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Monday, April 20, 2015

Deep wine red or ?

In March I glazed this little pitcher with our shop Raspberry glaze.

same glaze, new batch
It may be leaning towards purple, but not quite that of the "plum" variety of glaze shown in the square dish
Another cup, same glaze, so it's not just one kiln load giving the new coloration  (PS, the turquoise is a reflection of my camera phone)

We are scratching our heads, though the recipe has gone through several hands, so perhaps something was changed.  Maybe this week we'll figure it out, or maybe not.

A community studio means lots of folks will use the glaze in the big buckets, then when they are low, a new batch will be made, using the same recipes.  Unfortunately our book of glaze formulas, or recipes as we lovingly call them, has been missing.  We had a friend who had copied some of her favorite formulas, and we used that one on this last batch.  But I've also found an earlier Xerox of the original formula that's several years old...shall take it tomorrow to compare with the copied by hand details to see if there's the least difference.  Then we'll start looking at the various know how it goes.

Sherlock Holmes would be proud, I'm thinking.


  1. dang, looks pretty great--in my experince, temps make a big difference for that glaze too, thickness of application also

  2. if there is a difference in the formula, then you have a new glaze one purple and one raspberry, ha

  3. It's alway something, isn't it? The worst is when chemicals change and it's almost impossible to replicate what you did in the past.

  4. Your clay items glazed up beautifully.

  5. The glazes are both gorgeous. Toes crossed that you figure it all out. Yet another reason why I do majolica! Ha!Ha!


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