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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway

This is a volunteer's point of view.  I don't represent any of the organizations in authority, though I guess I am a Southern Highland Craft Guild volunteer.  The other organization involved in the Folk Art Center is the National Parks Dept.  through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

See the little brown sign!  That's important to read, so slow down.
As you drive west on US 70, you see this stone overpass that is a key symbol of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

Go under that overpass and take the next right the Parkway!
You'll have more little brown signs to follow from there, making just 2 more turns in less than a mile.

I arrive at the back entrance & staff parking lot (you'll see a different view in just a minute)

There's a buzzer that lets someone press a release on the locked door if you're supposed to come in.

Once I'm inside, I climb the stairs through this door.

There are pictures of great craftspersons on the stairway and a great view through the window.  (similar pictures are in the bathrooms as well - no windows though)

Linda supervises my activities, while she answers phones and various questions of the visitors and staff.
Going back outside, this is the approach to the building's front entrance which you will see.  The front entrance is hidden most of the year by greenery, with beautiful flowing stone walls.

The parking lot is divided into a big area for busses and campers, and a smaller loop lot. There are plenty of trees around both of them.  It is a bit of a walk from the parking area to the entrance, so if anyone has limits to their walking, you might drop them off at the entrance...where they can sit on these nice benches.  You'll want to be walking a while once you're inside!  (of course everything is ramped for wheelchair access as well)
This kiosk is to your right as you walk toward the Folk Art Center.

Two views on the kios talk about the Southern Highland Craft Guild
(all the printed details are enlarged below)

After you've read about the Guild and the Folk Art, you're probably eager to come inside and see the galleries, the shop, and the various crafts.

I'll continue with the entrance and inside pictures tomorrow.  Some more staff who smile at all...and some pictures I was given permission to take.  (Galleries and the shop don't allow any picture taking by anyone).  

Don't want to give you too much at once.  It really is a place that deserves plenty of slow attention to the details as well as the big picture.


  1. This is really, really nice.You must be a great volunteer.

    1. is a very inspiring place to volunteer. And I meet people from all over the world who visit there!

  2. What a great travelogue you are doing. We need Folk Art Centers, Craft Guilds et al to preserve what is so easily lost.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!


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