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Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of summer coming soon

A very young bunny who loves my grass

A medium sized bowl which sold a week ago

This vase is now reduced to get it out into use with flowerrs!

I'm surprised this teapot is still for sale every Saturday morning
So glad this pit fired vase found a home a few weeks ago.

This vase is probably in the TRAC Gallery in Spruce Pine, NC.  I haven't been back to check since the opening.

I'm taking three days away from the studio with lots of other folks this weekend.  I'm back into doing work, and threw 2 pitchers, a candle holding double handled vase-shape (much like the one above), and 5 tumblers with pressed-in designs.  I finished a dozen tree and goddess pendants yesterday, which are waiting to bisque, maybe tonight.

Have a great blue moon tomorrow night!  Howl, dance, sing, enjoy whatever moves you (as long as it's legal).

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  1. That pit fire vase is beautiful, strange I couldn't access your blog from mud colony it said I didn't have access to it, but I can get here directly, google chrome and blogger are always changing something I am tired of all the computer stuff evolving just when I get comfortable.

    1. I finally tried changing it, and most of what I changed didn't take...but there is a different pic on Mud Colony now anyway. Thanks for feedback! Could probably make a sweater if I spun yarn from all the hair I've torn out with blogger!

  2. Love the colours on the pit fired vase. I'm dotty about pit firing.

  3. Happy Blue Moon to you too (a day late however). I love your teapot, I'm sure it wont' be around long!


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