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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bathroom furniture

Unabashed plug for some useful items.

So when you have a nice counter by your sink, do you drop this and that around, or do you have an organizer?  Perhaps you've got those drawers, where you still have to shuffle to find whatever you're looking for?

You can see how anything almost can be stored vertically, and drip harmlessly if it's wet when put in the holder.

I confess I bought one for myself about 15 years ago, so the design isn't original.  I've changed it a bit, trying to make the toothbrush holes bigger for the bigger brushes we've got these days.

And even though almost everyone uses liquid soap in a pump, sometimes a nice bar of special soap is seen as well by the sink.  This soap dish has little raised bars so the soap won't stick to the dish, and will dry out nicely between uses.  It also looks really pretty like a piece of lace enfolding the bar of soap.

So, that's my simple bathroom furniture for this week, in several different colors, of course.


  1. These are for sale on my Etsy store...look to the right to click the link!

  2. Love the embossing on the soap dish -- and the lace in the previous post!

  3. Those toothbrush holders are great for the studio to hold underglaze brushes or for painters to hold their brushes.

    1. Great idea to use for brushes! I always have mine bent cause they end up upside down in the cup. Also,see my reply to the glaze technique comment.


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